Calendar Crisis?

Very interesting article by Rabbi Michael Broyde that does a great job of introducing the parameters of our calendar. It also addresses “calendar creep” where Pesach is getting later and later each year.

Slonimski’s Work

The first author to conclude that our calendar was based on the Almagest. Link goes to Google Books digitized version from Harvard Library.

History of our calendar

History of our calendar

Bircas HaChamah and Calendar Mathematics: Precision, Simplicity and Conflict by Sheldon Epstein, Bernard Dickman and Yonah Wilamowsky from Hakirah

History of our calendar

The Beginning of the Jewish Calendar by Bernard Dickman from Hakirah

על הכרזת המולד בבתי הכנסת

Why do we announce the Molad before Birkat HaHodesh? Hebrew article by Yakov Loewinger from Hakirah